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Affy Help Documents

Learn how to access and view Affymetrix array information within SBEAMS plus how to start analyzing microarray data.

Learn how to download Affymetrix data from SBEAMS
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Learn how data is loaded into SBEAMS, either from Affy arrays used in-house or by loading external data sets
Learn where and how to update Sample and Array information
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Learn about the currently supported ways to perform analysis
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Gene Intensity values can be viewed in gray scale by querying project and arrays of interest with affy probe_set_ids, gene symbols/names or accession numbers
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Search and view probe intensity values from one or many projects.
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Go to the Microarray ProjectHome page to see if a project of interest has any data for Affymetrix, two color arrays or any GetExpression result sets
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Please report bugs via Mantis
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Learn about some of the scripts that upload the data via cron jobs and how to fix things when things go wrong
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If you want to add some documentation use this template
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