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Report a Bug

Please Report any Bugs Found within the Affy SBEAMS pages via the on-line bug tracking software called Mantis

There is no need to log in. Just click the following link and follow the instructions

1)Open Mantis Bug page
2)Choose the most appropriate 'Category'. If the bug is specific to the Affy pages please use Microarray
3)Select the 'Reproducibility' option to indicate how often the bug appears
4)Give a summary
5)Give a quick description on what the problem is and how you encountered the problem
6)Submit the bug report
Open Link
If you have a suggestion, enhancement request or encounter any problem within the SBEAMS systems please contact one of the following people

1)SBEAMS Admin, Eric Deutsch
2)Affymetrix SBEAM Developer, Pat Moss
3)Affymetrix Core Manager, Bruz Marzolf