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Simple Query

Perform simple queries within a project to view probe set intensity values. Expression values are taken from the R_CHP files.

Open the simple query interface and query with an Affy probe_set_id, Gene Symbol, Gene Name or Accession number.

1)Choose the project of interest
2)Select specific arrays, default is to have all arrays for the project selected
3)Enter the search term
4)Hit the "Simply_Query" button
Open Link
If you need additional query options check out the Advanced Query Page
Open Link
Tips for searching with wild cards. Look to the right for the three supported types of wild card searches, no other types of wild card searching is supported.
Wild CardDescriptionMore Examples
% '%' is wildcard character %matrix%
_ '_' is single character wildcard NM_%
[a-m] character range search '[a-m]'
; Search for more then one term at a time, separate with a semi-colon; 1455899_x_at;1419209_at
Here are a few terms to try out. Please note the search terms are case insensitive
Query TypeHumanMouse
Affy Probe Set ID 205207_at 1450297_at
Gene Symbol IL6 Il2
Wild Card Gene Symbol Inter% %inter%
Accession Number NM_000600 NM_031168
Choose one of the following options to learn more about R_CHP files

1)What is a R_CHP file
2)How is an R_CHP file produced
3)How Good is R_CHP data compared to Affy GCOS data