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Get Expression

Get Expression will allow a user to query data uploaded after the Affy analysis pipeline is completed.

Follow the steps below to find the GetExpression Page

1)Log into Sbeams
2)Select the Microarray Link in the main navigation bar
3)Click the GetExpression button located on the main navigation bar
4)Choose the project(s) of interest
5)Select the conditions of interest
Get Expression Main Page
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The Following columns MUST be selected in order to ensure the data can be loaded into Cytoscape

1)Data Columns to Display:
2)Log 10 Ratio
3)False Discovery Rate
4)Display Options:
5)Show All Conditions if one condition meets criteria
6)Pivot Conditions as columns

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After the query is done, click the link at the bottom of the GetExpression for Cytoscape
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View Affy Expression Data in Cytoscape
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