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SBEAMS svn code repository

The full source code for SBEAMS and its modules is now available online for browsing and downloading, via anonymous access into our Subversion (svn) repository.

We suggest that you download and update SBEAMS via the svn checkout and update commands, as this is the most efficient way to keep current with our constantly evolving code base. We also offer versioned tarball releases, updated a few times per year.

Download / Update

A subversion client will be required to access the repository for downloading and updating SBEAMS code. For more information on subversion, or to obtain the client software, you can check the following site:

To download (check out) the code, first cd to the directory where you wish to install the software, then issue the svn checkout command. For example, if you are installing under directory /local/www/html/dev1/, you would:

> cd /local/www/html/dev1
> svn checkout

This will get you the latest version of all files in the SBEAMS tree, under a new 'sbeams' directory. (e.g. /local/www/html/dev1/sbeams/).

You will periodically want to update your software as newer code becomes available. In order to update the entire distribution tree to the latest sources, cd to the same directory as above (the top-level SBEAMS location), and execute:

> svn update

You will not be able to issue commit (check in) commands through this interface. If you have code to contribute and wish to be set up with developer access, please contact Eric Deutsch.

Browse Code Tree

You may browse the code tree here.


If you have a question or comment about SBEAMS, please join and post on the email discussion groups. There are two email lists: one for general questions and discussion, and another for developers. You may read the archives, join, and post to these lists at:

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