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SBEAMS - Microarray provides MIAME-compliant Affymetrix GeneChip microarray database functionality under the SBEAMS framework. Researchers can enter their experimental design and sample information into the database prior to or after an experiment. Labeling, hybridization, scanning, and measurement steps are performed by the researcher or by core facility staff, and information about each step and data products of the assays from GCOS are automatically ingested into the database. SBEAMS - Microarray provides a simple query tool allows quick access to data for known genes of interest, plus a full web-based interface based on the BioConductor web interface package webbioc to provide normalization and analysis functionality. Output from the analysis pipeline is loaded into the database from which researchers may perform analysis queries or export to other analysis packages.

Test Drive

We have set up a public instance of SBEAMS here at This has both the Microarray and Proteomics modules enabled. You may log in with a demo account and explore. (Demo accounts are any of demo01,demo02, ... through demo10 using password 'sbeamsdemo'.)

You may also want to follow along with our SBEAMS - Microarray Demo Tutorial (473k pdf).


SBEAMS - Microarray can be downloaded either as an official versioned release tarball at our download page or the latest development version may be checked out from our Subversion repository.


Marzolf, B, Deutsch, EW, Moss, P, Campbell, D, Johnson, M, & Galitski, T, (2006) BMC Bioinformatics 7:286

SBEAMS - Microarray User Guide (796k pdf)

General SBEAMS - Microarray on-line documentation


If you have a question or comment about SBEAMS - Microarray, please join and post on the email discussion groups. There are two email lists: one for general questions and discussion, and another for developers. You may read the archives, join, and post to these lists at:

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