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SBEAMS Sample Data

Below are some links to download test data sets that will be useful for setting up SBEAMS at external sites.

Module File Name Description / Size md5 checksum*
Microarray External_test_data.tar.gz Group of 9 Affy Cel files, plus an annotation file.
Approx 21 MB
Microarray Affy_test_data.tar.gz Group of 4 Affy Cel Files from HG-133 Plus 2, Plus Annotation File.
Approx 60 MB
Proteomics gricat.tar.gz Yeast experiment files.
Approx 520 MB
Proteomics pxproteome.tar.gz Peroxisomes in Yeast experiment files.
Approx 703 MB
Proteomics Database that the above two experiments were searched against. Required for loading experiment data into SBEAMS.
Approx 1.9 MB

* To make sure that you have a complete and uncorrupted download, please verify that the md5 checksum of each downloaded file matches the posted value on this website. (On most Unix-type systems, you can use the md5sum utility: md5sum filename).

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